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See new Lift Truck Radar Speed Signs. Show them how fast they are going and remind them when it's excessive and not OSHA compliant.. Portable dolly and Fixed Pole Mount radar speed signs are available. and Lightcast Lift Truck Radar Safety Products and a catalog of radar awareness safety products , see new radar speed cameras .



National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) June2001, forklifts strike pedestrians everyday, resulting in 100 deathsand over 20,000 injuries annually in the United States Alone.Approximately every 3 days, someone in the US is killed in a forkliftrelated accident. Each year, an additional 94,750 injuries related toforklift accidents are reported. The costs incurred due to forkliftaccidents are estimated to be over a hundred million dollars.


Slow Down! - By: John Dixon



Forklift Safety by Design - by Barrett C. Miller

Onepercent of factory accidents involve forklift trucks, but the forkliftaccidents produce ten percent of the physical injuries.(1) Forkliftaccidents are usually blamed on operator errors.


A Guide to Forklift Safety
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Base forklift speed limits and the boundaries of pedestrian and forklift .... The speed at which a forklift can stop in an emergency is determined by the


 NIOSH Alert-Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Workers Who Operate ...
Operatethe forklift at a speed that will permit it to be stopped safely .....NIOSH recommends that employers and workers comply with OSHAregulations and ...


Penn National Insurance - Safety Information
Forkliftaccidents are a leading cause of worker injuries, and overturns are the... Forklift operators should be trained and certified to operate the...

 Radar Speed Signs
Forklift Portable Radar Speed Monitor LED speed display

 Forklift Safety - MC Magazine Winter 1998 - Concrete Publications ...

Fortunately,OSHA's forklift safety training requirements for operating ... Whendriving a forklift, speed is a risk, not a plus, and precautions mustbe ...


Powered industrial trucks. - 1910.178,[skip navigational links], Search ..... Under all travel conditions thetruck shall be operated at a speed that will permit it to be brought ...

Radar Speed
Speed Displays Boards Monitors
with Statistics & Solar Pole Mounts


Your Forklift Safety Zone | Occupational Health & Safety
Whena person or object is detected, the laser scanner can be configured togovern the forklift speed to slow down and can trigger lights oraudible alarms ...


Forklift safety is serious business - 5/1/2006 - Logistics Management
OSHA'sforklift-training requirements have been in effect since 1999. ...corners quickly when people are around the other side, and ignoringspeed limits. ...


Forklift Operator Certification, OSHA, Regulations
Mostforklift certification programs will also test your knowledge aboutyour forklift motor or engine. For example, what is the maximum speedat which the ...


Forklift Index
Trainingprograms shall include safe operating practices, OSHA regulations ....Under all travel conditions, forklifts must be operated at a speed thatwill ...

 Solar Pole-Mountable Charger Package /More Info Link
Forklift Solar Pole-Mountable Radar Speed Display Solar pole-mountable Charger Package: ? Radar Speed Monitor 

Forget the ides of March, beware the forklift
Inaddressing forklift maintenance, OSHA requires that industrial trucksbe ... A forklift was traveling in reverse at high speed toward thevictim's ...


How Much Do You Know About Forklift Safety
Aug2, 2005 ... A forklift was traveling in reverse at high speed towardher work station. ... lowered employee morale, and penalties from OSHA....

Powered industrial trucks. - 1910.178
Regulations(Standards - 29 CFR) Powered industrial trucks. - 1910.178 .... Theindustrial trucks specified under subparagraph (2) of this paragraphare the ...


OSHA Update : Industrial Market Trends
Hepoints out that, according to OSHA statistics, 110 people die each yearin forklift accidents. Just like the automobile seatbelt law,Montwieler says, ...


Funny Forklift Online Training Video - really funny towards the end.



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See new ForkLift Radar Speed Signs.Show them how fast they are going and remind them when it's excessiveand not OSHA compliant. Portable and Pole Mount radar speeddisplays are available.


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